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So. Steve, are you trying to get on my good side as a progressive mover and shaker in the world of digital music, or are you trying to step out from under the shadow of the self-parody that you have become? Ok, you’re right. That shadow is pretty big and ominous. But, nonetheless, I think we should thank Mr. Jobs for deciding to “lead the pack” along with his buddies at EMI and promote non-DRM music files. All mocking aside, seriously. This is actually a pretty great move on Apple’s part, and falls just a day after the announced agreement with Apple records to release the Beatles catalog on the iTunes store. It’s not terribly progressive — after all bleep.com, Warp Records online store, and eMusic.com have both been offering non-DRM music for a while now; however, with the sheer brute force that Apple has in the digital music biz right now coupled with EMI will certainly push others to follow suit. Hooray! (no, seriously, I am cheering a little bit here)

On a totally different note, I usually turn away from folky type music (although in the past I’ve listened to creaky folkish music created by British purveyors of sinister whimsy), and I usually turn away from Wes Craven type films, but I’m pretty taken by the teaser trailer for The Hills have Eyes 2. Granted, I’m not going to pay to see the film — the second official trailer looks pretty lame — but the teaser trailer features one of the creepier songs from Devendra Banhart’s album “Rejoicing in the Hands,” which is a weird creepy folky type album. I don’t know much about the guy, other than the fact that I haven’t much liked some of his other stuff, but the song Insect Eyes makes a great sonic companion to the strange little film experience created for the film’s teaser. I actually listen to the full album fairly often (on the other hand, I’ve been listening alot to Bodycode and the Tangent 2002 Disco Nouveau comp…go figure). Check it out.