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Somehow, I managed to catch up on some movie trailers today, and was severely throttled by the trailer for the upcoming Robert Rodriguez & Quentin Tarantino tandem movie experience, Planet Terror & Death Proof, respectively. I have to admit, I was sitting in my office sipping a soda and eating some manhattan clam chowder for lunch and giggling like a psychotic schoolgirl by the end of the trailer. First off, the trailer was a pretty great stylized advertisement for the film. Secondly, what could possibly be more demented than an amputee Rose McGowan sporting a working machine gun for a prosthetic leg? It looks completely ridiculous, but…a machine gun peg leg! If you don’t love that in *some* way, (either the goth-core Rose McGowan fan boy way, the psychotic violence lover way, the zombie movie lover way, or just the good-grief that is so over-the-top I’m beside myself sort of way) you may not have a pulse. Oh, and I forgot to mention, remember how Bruce Willis and John Travolta became cool (cool again depending on your perspective) after Sin City and Pulp Fiction? Well, look out, because here comes Kurt Russel.

Also in the current trailer circuit is Black Snake Moan, yet again another one for the fan-boys out there — Samuel Jackson, Christina Ricci, and brace yourself, Justin Timberlake — talk about a freakish cross-section of actor appeal. This one is a nutty Samuel Jackson film (watch the trailer to see what I mean) set somewhere in southern backroads America. The last one I managed to watch over my little lunch was the trailer for The Host, which looks to be a pretty amusing Korean based monster flick, certainly worth seeing as well…