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I stopped tonight at 17th and Valencia for a bit of food at Taqueria El Toro. The line had caught my eye one time before when I was on my way to Pakwan (which is freakin great Indian food that I’ve had twice that makes me want to dance on the table) on 16th. Anyway, El Toro was pretty good. The ladies working the counter were very friendly as I perused the menu board that is about as extensive as a sushi menu. I decided on the Chili Verde Pork, as I’ve been doing pretty vegetarian lately and thought I would branch out – I got the regular burrito with the black beans and the spicy salsa. My entire meal with chips came to about 6 bucks.

Well, what I got was a burrito the size of the lower part of my arm rolled neatly and tight enough to put a serious beat down on some skinny mission hipster (yeah-yeah, I’ve already in the skinny mission part of that equation). Anyway, the burrito was pretty darn good, my second favorite so far after Papalote’s down on 24th (nearer to me). The only problem *I* had with it had to do with my recent lack of meat consumption. I’m used to ordering a burrito occasionally with some chicken in it and getting mostly beans and rice an a couple of pieces of meat. This thing had so much of the chili verde pork that it was actually kind of freaking me out by the end (I put away a large chunk of some pig out there) and I had to remove some of the pork at the bottom. Next time I’ll have to try one of the seafood burritos, or maybe just a veggie…so if you like the meat, you’re gonna like this burrito.

Rating: 4/5