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Its not the easiest to find goods eats in a new city, so I thought I’d start putting together a few notes about places around where I end up eating, primarily at this point in San Francisco.

So I thought this place would be pretty decent, as there was a line out the door every time I’ve passed this place during lunch. It was edible, but not great. I ordered the tofu panang, which was possibly my mistake, as perhaps I should have ordered according to the restaurant name and gotten a noodle bowl. Nonetheless, I decided to try it; it seemed entirely too buttery after eating about a third of it and I found myself not really attracted so much to the sauce (you should want to eat just rice with the sauce, ya know?). The mushrooms tasted sort of like cardboard. I sat at the bar near the kitchen, and turned at one point to see one of the cooks scraping the last remains of the contents of a giant jar of Jif peanut butter into one of the cooking pots. I laughed, but it seems grosser in retrospect.

The service was quick and very friendly. The price was moderately not high.

Rating: 1/5