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Hello. Is is me you're looking for?
robotic life signs.
makes noise, hears sounds, intafon.
affe auf deux roues.

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So, I bowed out of the android adventure a week or two ago, and purchased a new iPhone 6 plus. The battery life, second class apps, and overall jankiness of the GUI wore me down. I wasn’t excited at all about going back to IOS, especially having installed IOS8 on my iPad2, which made Chrome on the iPad very very very slow; however, now that I am using IOS again and on a fast new device, it is actually a breath of fresh air. The performance is so much better than the Nexus 5, the apps look well-kept. In addition, I don’t charge my phone AT ALL from 6:30 AM until 11:30 PM, and when I plug it in at night, the battery is still at 75% or higher. (the nexus I had to charge all day and then still had to often charge it some during dinner if I wanted to use it before bed time)

My ebay auction just ended. I sold the nexus for $355, which made the new iPhone that much cheaper… Byebye for now android…