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To confuse an earlier brief post…(“trace() not working in Flash Builder?”), I just wanted to post another quick blurb on how to address an issue I ran into setting up logging from the flash player to flashlog.txt, by means of the mm.cfg file.

As often noted, in order to set up the ability to monitor traced outputs to disk from the flash player, one must:

  1. Install the debugger version of the flash player.
  2. Create the default named file to which the logging will be sent at (on mac anyway) ~/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash\ Player/Logs/flashlog.txt. You can query online for the proper location for Linux and Windows.
  3. On mac, create the mm.cfg file in /Library/Application\ Support/Macromedia
  4. Add these lines to the mm.cfg file:      ErrorReportingEnable=1      TraceOutputFileEnable=1
  5. Restart you machine.

In some cases, however, this does not actually work — that is, nothing gets written to the file, and there is no error to look for. I figured it might be permissions, so changing the permissions for flashlog.txt to 660 (sudo chmod 660 flashlog.txt) fixed the issue. Note that group needs to be set to be readable/writable. After doing a search for the issue online with “chmod” in the search terms, I also found a reference noting that the mm.cfg file needed to have its permissions changed to 755, but I don’t think that is probably necessary. It wasn’t for me.