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The Adium plug-in for Quicksilver has been kaput for quite a while now, and I have found myself as of late with folks at work I need to contact who keep themselves in the invisible state in their messenger (like my manager ;-). I have come to loath having to go to Adium and go to the menu bar with the mouse and select “show offline contacts” and then find the person I want to IM and click their name, then “hide offline contacts” again. I also don’t care about having to use the contact list interface anyway, really, if I didn’t have to, so I wrote this applescript to use in Quicksilver.

To install, uncompress this script and put it in your ~/Library/Application Support/Quicksilver/Actions directory, and restart Quicksilver.

To use, invoke Quicksilver and type “.” to enter text mode. Type all or part of the name of the person you wish to IM. Hit and type “Adium” (or “Ad” or “Adi”) and select “AdiumContactor” with the arrow keys and hit .

The script will search for any instance of the text you enter in your contacts, both in their IM names, as well as their display names. If one match is found, it will open an IM window for that contact. If multiple contacts are found, a window will open allowing you to select the one you want, using whatever account it belongs to. (in other words, if you search “bil”, you will be able to choose from “Bill Todd”, bileInMyStomach@gmail.com, actionscriptAbility@hotmail.com, etc.) Careful using some search terms, such as “com”, as it will return all your MSN messenger accounts (whose screennames are defined by the contact’s email address)

PlasticWare Downloadable ::
AdiumContactor for Quicksilver (Aug. 07, 2008)
Download (~10,000 bytes) :: AdiumContactor.zip