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Aside from the kissy high-five/iPhone clinkyclink that I saw some guy from the Apple store do with this other guy at a Daedelus show in downtown San Francisco, this is the most ridiculous thing that I have seen regarding the iPhone, as seen on Engadget:

Prime81: I get 99% of my sound out of the left speaker only. Is my phone busted or are they all that way? (Try it your self, cover up one side and then the other, if I cover the left I pretty much can’t hear anything at all.

Josh: That would be because the other side ISN’T a speaker. It is the Mic for speakerphone mode. Someone needs to pay more attention to the manual.

And yes, I did see two guys clink the faces of their iPhones together, and one of them made a “mwah” kissy noise. I was unable to speak for several minutes afterward.