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Are you a Mac user? Are you a Quicksilver user? Have the three of you not had much to talk about lately? Why don’t you invite Yubnub over for dinner and drinks? Well, it seems that yubnub has been around for a while, but a coworker turned me onto it today, and it’s one of those things that has probably been sitting in the back of your head, waiting to be expressed as an idea. It’s that simple, and it’s that smart.

Yubnub is the self-proclaimed “(social) command line for the web”; I would personally leave off the social part, but that’s just because web 2.0 and I got in a fight last week and I haven’t talked to it since, *and* the creator of Yubnub was conscientious enough to put it in parenthesis (which I do truly appreciate). Anyway, the idea is this — users/contributors to Yubnub can type in a “command line” command into the Yubnub primary field, hit enter, and be whisked away to their site and topic of interest. For example, type in “gmap minako organic japanese”, hit enter, and there you go — the google maps lookup for Minako sushi restaurant in the Mission. The commands are both created by the creator of the site, and also by users. Im addition there are handy commands familiar to command line users such as “ls” to find related commands to your parameter (such as “ls google” for google related commands) or “man” to find out about a particular command (such as “man wp” to find out about the wikipedia search command).

In addition, check out http://yubnub.org/documentation/describe_installation for information on how to use Yubnub with Quicksilver (which basically just entails setting up a trigger to use with the QS web search plugin), for info on how to access Yubnub on your Mac via a key-command, thus eliminating the extra step to open your browser to Yubnub (fantastic!). That’s all I have to say about that. I have to go Yubnub fedex to see when my shipment is supposed to arrive…