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Just a couple of random notes. The first I’ve been meaning to throw out there for a while. Some couple of months ago, my Mac-Book Pro started developing some sort of computer Alzheimer’s disease. If anyone else has seen this, let me know. The symptoms are as such: 1. I can no longer do things like choose Force Quit (or any of the right-click menu items) for items in the dock. The right-click menu pops up, and I can choose an item, but it doesn’t execute unless I have already chosen it or if I left click icon in the dock first. 2. Expose won’t do Application display – show all windows and show desktop works, but the show all application windows functionality simply performs the show all windows functionality. 3. Sleeping — well, this has never really worked properly, but the sleep issue is quite a nuisance (not sleeping or not waking from sleep — I’ve actually created an alias ‘zleep’ for the Terminal that allows me to put it to sleep without having to click the apple menu). There are a couple more that I can’t remember at the moment – may have to come back and re-edit this post when I think of them.

On a totally different note. VMware just released the Beta 3 Fusion player for Mac. This incorporates some improvements on the last release. My latest use for the player is for the “play now” option that is now supported at Netflix. At the moment, Netflix only supports windows XP SP2 and Vista, so I fired up Fusion to take a swag at watching films on my Mac from Netflix. I have to say, I was pretty impressed, the sound and video performed just fine. The only glitch was viewing the film with Fusion in full-screen mode and the Netflix player in full-screen mode. For some reason the Netflix player cut off the bottom part of the video (right at, say the second line of typical sub-titles and below). Switching Fusion to *not* full-screen and watching the video that way worked fine. I think maybe it has something to do with the way that Fusion is communicating screen size to the guest OS, but not sure. Other than that the performance was pretty solid.