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Hello. Is is me you're looking for?
robotic life signs.
makes noise, hears sounds, intafon.
affe auf deux roues.

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So, having become a devotee of sorts of the OSX application Quicksilver, I’ve been looking for a few different ways to integrate it into my work flow a little better. I’ve been itching for an excuse to try to train myself to use the Delicious service for retaining bookmarks, but one of the big stumbling blocks, maybe out of my own haste really, to not using it was the fact that it wasn’t automagically cataloging my delicious bookmarks. Well, there is a nice little write-jup on LifeClever that explains the very easy way of doing this, which I had just not bothered to dig in and find. It also has a few little links for some other Delicious integrations schemes as well.