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This will be a short one, but hopefully informative for someone because the information is not readily available. I recently got a new phone plan, and with it the obligatory new phone (switched from verizon to cingular), and am now living in the 21st century. I haven’t needed to use the phone, the Sony-ericsson w810i, as a bluetooth modem yet, but ya know, when you need to use it really isn’t the best time to figure out how.

For the Mac in OSX, this is super simple, so I’ll just give you the quick run down so you can get to the info that is really what you need. Take note, you must have a w810i phone set up for use with Cingular’s data plan.

  1. Turn on bluetooth on both your phone and your mac.
  2. Open bluetooth preferences and set up the phone as a new device. You should have to go through a little process where you see a code on the computer and then have to enter it on the phone. Choose to use the phone for syncing (if you want) and make sure to allow using the phone as a bluetooth modem.
  3. Hard to find info #1: For the drop down that asks you for the modem type to use, choose “Ericsson T39 19.2 V110″
  4. HTFI #2: For the number, cid#, or phone number that is asks you to use, enter “*99#”
  5. HTFI #3 and 4: For the account name, enter “WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM” and for the password, enter “CINGULAR1″.

You should be able to save that connection as one of your bluetooth connection preferences. This was a quick and dirty tutorial, but the most important part is the connection info, which took me about 30 minutes to hunt down online — so I thought I’d repost it and help the next person track it down easier.