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First of all, trying out Path Finder, which is a pretty cool little app that does a good bit of stuff that the OSX Finder doesn’t do as well. Maybe more on this later. Unfortunately, it is $35 I think, so we’ll see if its worth it. I decided to give it a shot because of the following (although ultimately it didn’t solve the problem).

I was trying out Path Finder because SMB shares over my work VPN connectin are dog slow, and I’m looking for a way around it other than editing all my code in pico. Yup, that’s right, my ability to access the files in the terminal is super zippy, which I didn’t realize until recently. The trouble has to do with the way that OSX Finder handles the connection and directory listings. I tried turning off icons in column view and that helps a tad, but it doesn’t help with applications. Open a file in TextMate, change it, and hit save – then wait a few seconds. Save the save file in pico – instantaneous. Forget about opening a project in TextMate (not TextMate’s fault); I think the problem lies in the fact that file open and save functionality is still rooted in the Finder, which is absolutely terrible at dealing with files through the SMB share. I have seen reference to this being a “Windows File Sharing is slow” problem, but when you can open the same share from a Linux machine with none of the same painful slowness problems, you have to look back at the OSX Finder.

Any one found some way of getting around this? I’ve seen rumors about a refactored Finder in the next version of OSX, but who knows…