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So, I’m in the market for a cordless mouse for my new San Francisco work. Today I stumbled on this one, the Logitech MX 610. I like the logitech mice usually, and its kind of a nice mouse at first glance, but then notice the email and im buttons on the mouse. I don’t know who came up with the brilliant idea to put *lights* on a cordless mouse in the first place, which just drains the battery faster, but the fact that the buttons light up when you get email or instant messages is just ridiculous. I feel sorry for whoever had to market this silly thing. The description says, “Buttons light up so you can see when new messages arrive from selected friends, even if you´re not in front of your PC.” My questions are:

  1. Who carries their mouse around with them when they aren’t at the computer?
  2. Is the range so great that I can take it to the other side of the office when talking to colleagues, but then be able to say, “Oops, sorry, gotta run, my mouse here notified me that I just got an email.”
  3. Who looks at their mouse while using it, unless out of frustration when it isn’t working properly? “Damn tracking, I wish this mouse had better…Ooo! I have mail!”