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Apparently so. I’m a bit shocked actually, but I guess time will tell how successful it will be. Atlanta will be one of 8 cities in the US sporting the FlexCar brand of car sharing, which is pretty impressive based on the fact that Atlanta is so car-centric. The rates are supposed to be around $9 per hour, which is a pretty hefty sum if you plan on doing something other than just running a quick errand (figuring it will take at least nearly 2 hours really to go anywhere to get something done if it takes you 15 minute to half an hour there and back). I think they are to be based in the downtown-midtown area. I’ll be curious (but will have to ping the Atlanta folk after my final move) to see how successful the program is — then again, I don’t even know where the audience for this service lies in other cities, so it may do really well.