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I recently sat down and took a look at as2api, which seems to be the most recommended JavaDoc exporter for actionscript. Once I had everything figured out, it seems to work fine, and I’m sure there are some little nuggets that I haven’t quite figured out yet, which I’m looking forward to figuring out. (read more for the skinny and darwin downloads)

However, for those of you out there in Mac OSX land, I wouldn’t recommend downloading the current version listed on the site for OSX, entitled “as2api-allinone-osx-0.4.sit” in the downloads section. I think that it is missing files, or that it just doesn’t work correctly at all. I would recommend instead downloading the first link for “as2api-0.4.tar”. The downside of downloading this version is that there is no OSX command line executable in there, so you have to run the Ruby script “ruby as2api.rb packages –classpath classpath” which works just fine.

Honestly, I don’t know enough about ANT scripts yet to know if you can run Ruby scripts from an ANT script target, so I used rubyscript2exe, another handy little application to convert the Ruby scripts into a mac command line executable. (Incidentally, and to add a little geek comedy to this post, you have to install the Pascal compiler and compile a piece of the rubyscript2exe library in order to run it…so I had to compile one application in order to create another one…).

Anyway, I have included below 2 downloadables in this post. The first is the command line version of as2api that is compiled from the package that you can download as Ruby code from the as2api site. The down side is that you cannot tweek the css and html templates that are part of that code; the up side is that you can actually use it as a command line executable, which is entitled “as2api_darwin”. You can used it exactly as you would the as2api.rb Ruby script.

PlasticWare Downloadable ::
Darwin Executable of As2Api (JavaDoc for Actionscript) (Sep. 5, 2006)
Download (~4.5mB) :: as2api-0.4.zip

The second downloadable I have included here is the rubyscript2exe download, altered to include the eee_darwin file that I compiled from the pascal source on my mactel laptop in OSX 10.4.7, and repackaged using tar2rubyscript.rb, which was also necessary to get it running properly. I have also included the example hello world script “hello.rb” from the tutorial, which you can use to test the code and make a hello world exe.

PlasticWare Downloadable ::
RubyScript2Exe with eee_darwin for OSX environment (Sep. 5, 2006)
Download (~1.1mB) :: rubyscript2exe.zip.gz

Both of these pieces of software are released by their proper creators under the GNU License, and I have included the source and license for each as well, as posted on their sites. Please download judiciously, the executable for as2api package is 4.5 mb.