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Just to add this to the web search realm, a quick note on a fairly annoying discrepancy in the Flash IDE. When compiling flash movies that utilize interfaces, there is the possibility of getting the following error:

The implementation of the interface method doesn't match its definition.

Despite the fact that MTASC has no problem with it.

*I believe* that it is acceptable according to ECMA script standards to define functions in interfaces by supplying the types of the parameters, rather than the names and types. Compare:

public function moo(Object, String):Void;


public function moo(cow:Object, foo:String):Void;

The former is handled fine by MTASC; however, when compiled in the Flash IDE, the error “The implementation of the interface method doesn’t match its definition.” is returned for every function defined in the interface that has input parameters. The solution is to define the methods is in the latter example; however, for the Flash IDE to compile without errors, not only do the parameter types have to match, but also the parameters names have to match.

Hopefully that will help someone searching for this error…