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makes noise, hears sounds, intafon.
affe auf deux roues.

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Thought I’d take a shot of this mug that we had salvaged from our house a couple of years ago which has been sitting in the garage since then until I was cleaning some stuff out of there the other day. Unfortunately it’s a bit cracked, but it still holds its liquid.

In the news, today saw Jobs’ 2006 WWDC keynote, in which several things were announced and alluded to. One of the interesting things that came out of his talk apparently had something to do with I think the word was “spaces,” referring to the ability in Leopard (due out by next spring) to have multiple work spaces running at the same time (sounds familiar to those of us who remember the BeOS). Anyhoo, with all the fuss about virtualization and dual-booting on the Mac, it makes me wonder if they are working toward their own brand of virtualization integrated into the OS, or if they are considering perhaps buying out (or driving into the ground) Parallels.

In other virtualization news, apparently Microsoft decided to kill future production of a universal binary version of Virtual PC, thereby stepping aside in the Mac virtualization department. VMware, on the other hand, announced today that they will be bringing the Workstation product to the Mac OS, which they will purportedly be demoing at the Apple developer conference as well.