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Well, somehow the news reported today that Sid Barrett died at the age of 60. I say somehow because the news orgs reported it today, but apparently he died on July 7. Just seems kind of weird that as rabid as the news forces are that it would take them 4 days to actually report his passing. NPR gave a nice little music montage of some of the arguably *better* music that Pink Floyd produced while Sid (the “crazy diamond”) was part of the group. 4 days – yet apparently Rumsfield *just* landed unexpectedly in Iraq – news as it gets broken.

I am now typing this entry on an installation of Ubuntu flavored Linux in a virtual machine running on a Dell [L]atitude loner machine running Windows XP (I’m diggin the Ubuntu much more than the XP) The Linux machine itself is the secure Browser Appliance that can be found on the VMware site. Until I receive my permanent machine (hello mactel), I’m stuck with this little guy that sort of feels like I could crunchily fold it up and stick it in my back pocket. This is my second week at VMware, where I am working on the thin client, the web interface to the Virtual Center, which is the virtual server management layer of the VMware Virtual Infrastructure product suite. It’s a switch from the world of web marketing application work that I’ve been looking forward to; its also nice to be working for a company that is at the forefront of some big things in computing. I have to say, having spent the formative web bubble years on the East Coast, it’s interesting to go to work around the corner from the main HP headquarters and Xerox PARC. I’ll be heading back to take care of things in Atlanta at the end of the week and work remotely for a few months, but most of our stuff is being dropped off in Bernal Heights in SF tomorrow…

More later. And Flickr updates coming as soon as I get my new Mac…BTW – thanks to Less Rain for linking me up in their little blurb about using Eclipse and FDT…;)