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Hello. Is is me you're looking for?
robotic life signs.
makes noise, hears sounds, intafon.
affe auf deux roues.

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AAAAGH. Crazy colors!

Been a while in the making, but I’ve started migrating the plasticular inscriptor over to wordpress, as I have been able to find several nice plug-ins so far unavailable to moveabletype, such as code syntax coloring plugins. In addition, wordpress is written in php, which I am a little more familiar with, and is a bit easier to work with on a limited level. I had originally started using moveabletype while working on pastiche magazine, and since that has gone into dormancy, I really don’t have the need for a system as complex. The full migration will probably take a few weeks, since my last day at avenuea-razorfish is this friday and the San Francisco move process begins soon… I am temporarily using a modified version of the Blix theme since it was one of the least painful ones for me to look at, and it will be evolving slowly into its final form starting this week. (which explains why it looks so crazy right now).

I had to do some research which didn’t really help me figure out a problem with setting up the WordPress blog with my Flickr account. I found many references to the problem that I was having, that Flickr could not find the API Endpoint (the xmlrpc.php file in WordPress) even though all my settings were correct. I eventually got it to work by choosing the MetaWeblogAPI Enabled blog option instead of the WordPress option. Of course, event though that still works, I’m not entirely sure that was the solution, as I can now also add this WordPress blog to my Flickr account as a WordPress blog…maybe its just flaky? I did read a couple of posts where people did say to just keep trying the correct settings many many times and eventually it would work…