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affe auf deux roues.

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Ya know, I wish I knew about this earlier – free Starbucks coffee on the Ides of March from 10am to noon. Today is the day we celebrate “Et tu, Brute?” (or “Kai su, teknon?”) whist the Caesar’s of the world beware. Apparently now, because of this promotion (if its not a hoax), will be having the starbuckian baristas of America proclaiming “Et tu, meus patronus?” as the regular customers that ham it up for the baristas turn ugly and demand their $10 latte for free (even though the promotion is supposedly for a cup of coffee only).

I feel a bit sorry for the folks working at starbucks today, irregardless of whether or not this is actually a hoax. HOWEVER, it is starbucks, and in geek fashion, I would have loved to call for an internet Starbucks DOS day (denial of service). Nearly the antithesis of boycotting the bean pushing giant, real life hackers of the world could have brought Starbucks to its knees…oh to dream…

At any rate Beware the Ides of April…its only a month away, and remember that if the Feds break into your house on tax day, make sure to hide all those “Have you seen me?” flyers that you have been collecting (like Jello Biafra neglected to do…).