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Hello. Is is me you're looking for?
robotic life signs.
makes noise, hears sounds, intafon.
affe auf deux roues.

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Its been a while since I’ve posted anything. Had a bit of a dry spell, and after 8 months of insanity, my brain is taking time off. Went to the georgia aquarium here in Atlanta recently and took a bunch of little photos (http://www.plasticstare.com/deyel/gallery.php?sentpath=images/2006-02-26). There was one room that was pretty fantastic, but all in all the space seemed a bit small, especially for those in wheelchairs or parents with strollers — there were many of both.

I was enticed into writing something here today as I caught a glimpse of an article on google news about a new samsung smartphone that has 8gb of storage. The phone runs on windows mobile 5.0 and has some crazy capabilities such as TV output. Kind of worries me a bit though…what’s going to happen when your phone gets a timebomb and tries to download the entire internet on your birthday or a virus that starts making phone calls by itself and turns it into a telemarketing bot (and makes you a violator of the do-not-call list)…