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Hello. Is is me you're looking for?
robotic life signs.
makes noise, hears sounds, intafon.
affe auf deux roues.

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Phase 1 of the www.SteelePlus.com site launched today. SteelePlus is a local advertising firm that wanted an experimental/exploratory site that allowed for information about the company as well as an interactive portfolio that features the ability to spotlight pieces of work specifically, as well as group them with a particular case study. The emphasis was on exploration with a more conventional navigation system included. I have created a few custom classes of note, including the menu, an AS 2.0 sound manager, window manager, an animation class, and a TextField.ASFunction delegate (which enables the assigning of functions to textField’s to handle imported html data that contains “ASFunction:function,params” style href syntax for driving internal actionscript functions — which incidentally is similar to a class that will be built-in for AS3 from what I read). On the back-end, Phase 1 incorporates XML and CSS files for content and layout description in the flash application, as well as custom WordPress PHP scripts for handling the “news” section of the site, and a PHP mailer for handling the ability to send “favorites” from the site to a friend (which are also stored as flash “prefs” on the users computer.

Phase 2 will be launching later this month, which will introduce a flash-based “community” that is built on top of a customized phpBB bulletin board system.