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I decided to re-release this list of prototype functions for actionscript 1.0 that augment the feature set of the MovieClip class. To use, simply add #include “as/MovieClipExtensions.as” (if you are keeping the “.as’ files in a directory called “as”) to the actionscript on frame 1 of your movie. They are a bit rough and not so commented, but they work none-the-less. I have since replaced/updated them with newer AS 2.0 classes and methods. Notable methods included are ::

  • MovieClip.prototype.setPos :: handy for setting the position to an x,y coordinate
  • MovieClip.prototype.hideMe
  • MovieClip.prototype.showMe
  • MovieClip.prototype.loadWithFade :: for loading jpgs and fading them in
  • MovieClip.prototype.crossFadeTo :: for crossfading clips
  • MovieClip.prototype.roundCoords :: for use with pixel fonts – rounds to nearest integer coords
  • MovieClip.prototype.linearAnimate :: for doing linear animations of clip properties

Version 1.5

Download :: movieClipExtensions.zip